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For inquiries about speaking engagements, please click here to check availability or contact Diane Goodman at diane@goodmanspeakermanagement.com.

I've delivered leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal development speeches and presentations to dozens of organizations.

Keynotes include:

  • You Can Have It All. How truly high achievers achieve professional and personal goals. Practical, real-world strategies to build a better business, better career, better you... and achieve even your biggest goals. (All while having a lot more fun.)
  • The Generosity Gene. How great leaders build highly effective teams. Great leaders don't have a special "something" that others don't have. Learn how to adopt the same perspectives and actions that truly drive team success. (And result in greater fulfillment.)
  • We Should All Be Serial Achievers. Every successful person is more than one "thing." Learn the power of stacking accomplishments - and experiences.
  • Successful People -- and Companies -- Don't Reinvent Perfectly Good Wheels. What makes some people -- and teams -- successful? They do the right things, over and over again. And so can you.

Need something more specific? Awesome. I love crafting speeches or presentations for individual audiences. Besides, which would you prefer: A canned speech the presenter wants to deliver, or a custom speech your audience really wants - or needs - to hear?

Check out my Inc. columns; if I've written about it, I would love to engage with your audience on the subject.

My book, The Motivation Myth was a New York Times and Amazon bestseller, has been translated into seven languages, and along with Nasim Taleb, Michael E. Porter, and Rory Sutherland was selected for the Open Mind Library series in Ukraine.

The Most Successful Person in the World | TEDxPaloAlto

"Jeff is a great speaker: Authentic, down to earth, with a clear message that resonated well with my team of Directors and VPs. The entire experience exceeded my expectations. The Directors are talking about having you back to speak to their management teams at their upcoming offsites." — Pierre Bou-Mansour, COO, LifeLabs

"In addition to being a fabulous writer, Jeff is a captivating speaker, presenting information ever person in the audience could relate to. Book him!” — Al Getler, New England Newspaper and Press Association

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The Motivation Myth

The Motivation Myth overturns the beloved (but false) idea that motivation leads to success, instead, small successes lead to constant motivation - and let you achieve your biggest goals while also having more fun.

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